W. A. Mozart
Don Giovanni (Dramma Giocoso)

Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte
Premiere in Prague: 29 October 1787

"Don Giovanni", Mozart's masterpiece, was written and performed for the first time in 1787, two years before the French Revolution. The opera is set in a time of social upheaval, its characters all at the mercy of this radical change: They are processing the dissolving erotic era, of which Giovanni arises and which he seems to incorporate at first. But at the same time he represents a utopia: a world without limits, a world of absolute personal freedom, in which everybody can claim what he wants – without considering any consequences. Especially the three women Elvira, Anna, and Zerlina fall for the incredible power of this man, who according to his servant Leporello has seduced over 2000 women.

The themes that Mozart dealt with so poignantly over two centuries ago are as grippingly relevant today, the circumstances of Don Giovanni's society may well be familiar to towns in the Ukraine of today. Places where people dream of a different way to live, a different way to love, a different way of organizing society. We long to live as freely as possible, but must be tethered by social and moral rules. The people of today wear as many masks as the people of 1787, and we may hope – yet fear – casting them off.

Thorsten Coelle
Stage Director

Music Overcomes Walls
An opera project in the Luhansk region

»Don Giovanni«

Production team:

Musical director, conductorRobin Engelen (Germany)
Stage directorThorsten Coelle (Germany)
DramaturgsAleksey Dorychevskiy, Igor Bilyts (Ukraine, Kiev)
Set designerMichael Birn (Germany)
Costume designerKhrystyna Lysak (Ukraine, Kiev)
Light designerHans Fruendt (Germany)
Chorus leaderValentina Bulakhova (Ukraine, Severodonesk)
ConductorVitali Alekseenok (Belarus)


LeporelloKonstantin Krimmel (Germany)
Donna AnnaValeriia Tulis (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Don GiovanniJanis Apeinis (Latvia)
OttavioSergiy Ledenev (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
Donna ElviraJasmin Etezadzadeh (Germany)
ZerlinaKseniia Yarova (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
Masetto — Eugen Rakhmanin (Ukraine, Kyiv)

The Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Luhansk Regional Philharmonic and
invited musicians from the Luhansk region, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Latvia, Armenia, Poland and Russia.

The chorus of "Music Overcomes Walls" project.

The production is realized by:

VladOpera e.V. (Germany)
Luhansk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre
Luhansk Regional Philharmonic

Premiere performances in Severodonetsk:
28, 30 August 2018, 18:00
1, 2 September 2018, 18:00

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